Letters | Day 29 | The End

Goodness Gracious! I made it. The February Letters Challenge has been pretty awesome. Thanks to everyone that's written back so far! Expect one more comprehensive post about the whole experience, and then it'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming. 


Letters | Day 25

Later than I had planned on the posting. Sometimes you gotta get away from the computer for a weekend. Three letter posts left to go! Thanks for hanging in there with me!


Letters | Day 24

Another post-pickup delivery... but a delivery none the less. Happy Weekend!


Letters | Day 23

Today marks yet another end. But this end only means yet another beginning. Oh Glory!


Letters | Day 22

I fell off my bike today! It was pretty awesome; like being 12 again!


Letters | Day 21

Nope, didn't skip yesterday. Post doesn't run on National holidays. Bear with me kids, only 6 more entries in this series! Yes!


Letters | Day 18

Not much to say other than a happy sunny Saturday saw this letter away!


Letters | Day 16

A brilliant, absolutely marvelous and comfortable post-rain clear sunny day greeted us today. Wow!


Letters | Day 15

Its rough out there today folks... Biking in the rain and stuff. Dang! And did I mention that we're more than past the halfway mark with this whole letter debacle?! Looking back through the past few pages of posts, I begin to wonder if this was the best idea for the blog...


Letters | Day 14

Logged and Blogged. 

Knights and Monsters

Been meaning to scan these pages for a little while now. A welcome break from the onslaught of mailbox photos I would hope!


Letters | Day 13

Extreme weather advisory today in Santa Monica. Watch out!

And a package sent to the same addressee... What a special treat!


Letters | Day 11

Saturday night drop off = Monday morning collection. Travel safe my sweet. 


Letters | Day 10

Double Digits baby. You all only have to suffer from 14 more of these type posts. Thanks for bearing with me!

Letters | Day 09

This one missed the postal pickup, but that bad boy was still in the box on the proper day. You better believe!

Letters | Day 08

As if anyone were hanging on to the edge of their seat, only to be disappointed with a lack of postal adventure updates... Yes. I was a day late with posting, but not with post marking! Got'r right in the mail without missing a beat. Still goin' strong!


Letters | Day 07

Are you one of the lucky few who'll receive a letter from me?! Tee hee hee!

Letters | Day 06

Nah, I didn't skip day 5. It's just that the mail doesn't run on Sundays. And day 6 is a little late because my computer died again yesterday. Whoops!


Letters | Day 04

Is this getting old yet? I've got some art and some video coming up soon!


Letters | Day 03

Tonight's mailbox was harder to find. Does anyone know any good mailbox map resources? LOL