Return to Unurban

I don't get over to the Open Mic @ Unurban Cafe that often these days, as my Friday nights are filled with official Art Club excitement. I found myself with a break last week and headed right over to my old stomping ground. Its nice bumping into friends & roommates, and seeing old familiar faces. And overall, the music was top notch.


Airplane People

I came across these old scans from a large cross country travel adventure I partook back in July. Just a couple of pages of drawing killing time in various airplanes and airport terminals.


The Expo Line

I recently headed to Disney Feature Animation to catch up with an old colleague, the incredible Scott Watanabe. The things I saw up there were nothing short of incredible. The studio is developing some fantastic work. Hopefully we'll be able to see some of it one day...

I braved LA's burgeoning public transportation: biking to the Expo line Culver city, transferring to the Red line up to NoHo, then biking the rest of the way. The trip was great! Highly recommended! It took me only a little longer than had I driven, I wasn't consumed by traffic + road rage, and I was even able to sketch a bit. 


Malibu Canyon Reprise

A page of landscape sketches from Malibu Canyon. Some friends have been going rock climbing up thattaway, and I've tagged along to draw and swim @ the dam. Great place.


Ice House Canyon

In the beginning of September, I caught up with the excellent George Fuentes for some hiking and landscape painting up near Mt. Baldy. What a place... so lovely! If you plan on reaching the Saddle, be prepared for a hike much longer than you would think. 

I would have posted sooner, but the originals were in route to a lovely home in Portland, OR. Didn't want to spoil the surprise. 

Anyone wanna go hiking?


Natural History Museum

Back in early September, some friends (Alex Preston and Matt Nava) and I took advantage of the Free Tuesdays offered at the Natural History Museum in LA. A good chunk of the day was spend drawing in the new(ish) Dinosaur wing, but there's tons of other great stuff there, like the open air catalog of pottery and artifacts. I'll be heading back soon enough.