This week, a robot drawing every day. Both here & @ 3LL. Woots.


The Bacon Rapture

A lil while back I was commissioned to create a flyer of immense epicness for The 5th Annual Reimold BBQ. The brief was 2 simple words... Bacon Rapture. Pix suggested the bacon need wings, and with that simple addition the flyer came right together. Note : The Kevin Bacon reference might be just a touch on the nose, but fuckit!

Check out the phots! It goes without saying that the BBQ was awesome. Unfortunately I woke-up the next day with a Bacon Hangover. Blugh...


Late Night Speed Study

My buddy Jeff Edwards recently took a mega hot springs tour of Iceland. Tons of killer landscape photography (among other things) which you can see here. A 1 hour study from reference of course.


Roughin It

Labored on this one most of the day. Started as a color speed paint, but slow converted to B/W value study, brought begrudgingly back to color. Yuck. Some days you're just off.


Digital Master Copy

Never done one of these before. Difficult to replicate one media in another, even harder if you don't understand the methodology behind the original... which I don't. See the original here.


Monday Digi-Paint

Few hours through the day. Too flat, really gotta work on that...