Study +

Started as a regular old reference study. But my darling Pix gave me some pointers and challenged me to push it. Still pretty close to the original photo, but I feel like I've plussed it a bit.


The Sludge Mansion Anthology

My good buddy Bryan Payne pitched me his concept for an ongoing graphic novel chronicling the 2 year rise and fall of our previous home known as Sludge Mansion. Its a massive collaborative mixed media story told from many perspectives (we lived with 9 people, with many more coming and going) that could be really great. What follows is the Prologue to the project. I hope it gets off the ground. (Click each page for readable full size.)

And here's a bit of process. I thumbnailed the basic story in one sitting pencil on paper. Scanned all them shits and moved some things around while filling in a few gaps digitally. I printed these contact sheets out, did a clean pencil pass on tracing paper then inked that with a tombo brush pen. 


Comic-Con 2011

Had some good times @ the Con. Hung out with good buddies old and new, got drawn by several artists, gump-tunneled the length of the con hallway after a nerd rave, and slept on a yacht. Shit yeah.

EDIT 07.28.11 ---
And if you'd prefer here's the same album shared via Google. Might make it easier to share/view/comment/discuss or whatever the fuck.


Digital Head Study

Unfortunately I rarely take anything this far, but I'm pretty satisfied with this one. More to come hopefully. From reference...


Figure Study

Its a study when you're not making it up from your head. Babe reference. Few hours I think.

Head Studies

A few head sketches. Images culled from Flickr via Compfight.


Gesture Drawing Tool | Animals!

My friend Tuna Bora posted some studies done from a digital gesture drawing tool. It basically just sets a time limit for a slideshow of animal or human images. Its pretty intense and very addicting. I felt much more confident drawing a gesture from a static animal than those that are running around. You can actually take in what the hell they're doing! Highly recommended. 


Ancient Tree

Old doodle I found randomly in some forgotten sector of drive. Circa '07 if the timestamp is correct.



New Beginnings

You may recognize some of these from the old blog. Some called it "a high school joke gone too far." They are right, but the old bird still has a special place in my little heart. Its still there for archival purposes. On with the new!