May Drawing Dump!

First a quick couple from Unurban Cafe. Its been a while since I've attended an Open Mic there due to other art related conspiracies that have taken up that time. Mua ha ha!

Went to see my good buddy Wyatt MacDermott jam fierce on the broken upright piano at the Monday night open mic @ The Talking Stick. Oh god yeah there's some characters there...

Last two, chilling @ Venice Grind, and in line @ the Purdue Courthouse respectively.


The Getaway

Hey Everyone! The last thing Three Legged Legs created as a collective was this little motion test. It was believed to be lost in the digital dust, until now! Take a look at the first 10 seconds and call it a day... unless you're a geek and want a 5 minute technical behind the scenes. There's also two other parts in the Vimeo comments. Enjoy!


The Abyss : A Short Story

This piece is very dear to me; dare I say... intensely personal. I wrote the story many months ago, and have been slowly chipping away at it since. Along the way I faced  many artistic challenges, over which I feel I have gloriously triumphed! When moments of passionate creative desire brought me through darkness and back to these pages, all was right in the world. I'm incredibly happy to say, it's finally complete (for now!

It is my pleasure to share it with you.


Old Gif

Oh Boy! I sat down and whipped this together many moons ago. Part of a longer piece that will forever be unfinished. Something I've always loved, and want to do more of... Don't know much about it, but I wanna learn!