Parisian - Parasite

A while ago now, I put in some time crafting a music video for my good friend Ian Jones. AKA Parisian. We used to DJ together way back when. Ian continued on pursuing music seriously, while I tapered off to focus on visual art. It is my pleasure and my honor to have collaborated with him once again, be it in an all together different context.

One of my favorite parts of the process was designing the strange antiqued medical diagrams that are scattered throughout the video. Each one has a unique feeling in its own right. I'd like to do something more with these as I feel they are quite successful. Posters, prints, T-shirts maybe? 

The video is an experimental non-narrative, meant to be enjoyed as a visual experience that reinforces the evocative aural tone of the song. I'd embed the video directly here, but would rather not have Ad's on this site. Please check out the official release on the Noisey Youtube channel HERE.