February Letter Writing Challenge

I don't usually get involved with the internet, but this post @ boing boing hit me somethin' good. After receiving years and years of letters from my mother, I'd recently finally replied to her in written form. I've even struck up written correspondence with several other friends and family. Its been exceptional! 

Given that, I'm totally jumping on board the February Challenge offered up by Mary Robinette Kowal. The world needs more of this I feel... 

My first official letter is part of an ongoing consistent and delightful correspondence with a friend in my hometown. I probably won't be taking pictures of every letter cause I don't need to be publishing everyone's address that I know. This one's a milestone, and I'm sure he wont mind. 

I plan on putting each letter in a different mailbox around the city in an attempt to get outside of my normal environmental routine. I can only think of like 3 mailboxes off the top of my head. So it should be interesting!

If you'd like to get a letter from me, I'll need your address please. Shoot em over to me anyway you can!